TBEM acoustic set @ The Roomz

What a great afternoon of mulled wine, hot stew and acoustic music from POG, Tracy Curtis, Wob, Ukelele Dave and ourselves.  For our set we shunned the stage and PA with our acoustic guitars and sang our hearts out!

TBEM @ The Roomz

TBEM @ The Roomz

TBEM on Burst Radio!

Aside from paying for lunch, our day of busking bore unexpected fruits.   Jadee Captain Seebaran, of Burst Radio, spotted us and invited us to an interview and live session at their studio.

On the 27th of December, we were interviewed by Jadee and Jack Taylor and performed the songs Wreck & Ruin and The Weekends Boys.  We had loads of fun and would love to go back.

We’ve been promised an mp3 of the show, as soon as we receive it, it’ll be up here for you to enjoy!

TBEM @ Burst Radio

TBEM @ Burst Radio


TBEM @ Frank’s Front Room 24th November

Sometimes gigs don’t go exactly to plan.  Sometimes you can’t quite get the levels right, the vocals don’t quite come through and it can take a while to really get going.

After a few songs, though, we started to throw ourselves into it, the audience did too and we finished the set with energy.

The day after the gig, we found this message on our facebook:

“Stumbled in to Franks Front Room and found you chaps playing and by crumbs…you guys have got a sweet sound!” (Allison Parkes-Norris)

Sometimes you can turn it around.

TBEM @ Frank's Front Room

TBEM @ Frank’s Front Room

Bright Eyed Busking

Yesterday we pounded the streets of Hastings with our guitars and drum kit to bring the Folk New Sound to the people of Hastings.  We even managed to make a bit of cash, which was all spent on the essentials – lunch and records!

The Bright Eyed Mariners play Beaujolais Day!

The interesting thing about the French red wine, Beaujolais, is that it actually gets worse with age.  Because of this, a tradition has arisen that Beaujolais must be drunk as quickly as possible after it has been bottled.  Why is this tradition so big in Hastings?  You merely need to pound the streets of Hastings for a couple of days to suss that one.

We, The Bright Eyed Mariners, were invited to perform at the Brass Monkey for this wine festival off the back of supporting To Kill A King at the same venue.  We had so much fun and tried out a new set with electric guitars and a larger drum kit.  Onwards and upwards!

The other musicians were great to watch, particularly blues man King Size Slim and pianist Dr. Savage, who got the crowd dancing.  We were disappointed by the (lack of) performance from Blair Mackichan.  After failing to get his keyboard to work, he ordered his entire band of stage.

All in all, it was an excellent night.  If you were there, thanks so much for supporting us and hope to see you again!

The Bright Eyed Mariners @ Revolver, Hastings

We had loads of fun playing the longest set we’ve played so far!  It’s also the beginning of a little project for us of taking photos of the audience for each of our gigs… hopefully we’ll see the audience growing each time!  Here’s the first one:

Video for One Line In A Story

The Bright Eyed Mariners spent a day capturing videos of St Leonards and Hastings to create a music video for One Line In A Story.  Enjoy!

The Bright Eyed Mariners supported To Kill A King @ The Brass Monkey

We were planning to go to this gig anyway, so we were so grateful to The Brass Monkey for inviting us to open for To Kill A King on the 26th of October.  We had a great time, played our new song “Granite & Chalk” and got experimental with a cover of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”.  TKAK were incredible, particularly in their encore, where they got of the stage and serenaded the audience without mics and just one acoustic guitar.

If you missed the gig, you can catch us at Revolver on the 7th of the month or check out the GIGS section of the site for more upcoming shows.  See you there!

Left to right: Carl Carzana, Thom Carter, Andy Conway

To Kill A King

The Bright Eyed Mariners day out

The Bright Eyed Mariners took a break from rehearsing early October to enjoy a day out with some friends.  There was a freshness to the air, and the day was blessed with sun.  The only regret was that no one brought a guitar…

Left to right: Carl Carzana, Andy Conway, Dan Davis, Martha Williams, Meri Williams and Meg Williams-O’Mara

Top to bottom: Arthur Davis and Dan Davis

Left to right: Meg Williams-O’Mara and Meri Williams

First to last: Andy Conway, Dan Davis, Carl Carzana and Thom Carter

The Workshop Sessions

A midst the half finished vintage guitars, fag ends, beer cans and motorbike parts of producer Ed Mayhew’s workshop, The Bright Eyed Mariners have been recording The Workshop Sessions; a 10 track demo of their finest songs.  The first 5 tracks can be heard by heading over to the Listen section of the site.  Enjoy!

Left to right: Thom Carter, Carl Carzana, Ed Mayhew

Producer Ed Mayhew works hard

Andy Conway in the workshop

Carl Carzana strikes his superhero pose

Thom Carter enjoying the view